A Film to inspire and awe- Gjesværstappan!

Gjesværstappan is one of Norway’s “naturperler”, directly translated, “nature’s pearls”.   This group of islands off the coast of Magerøya in the North Cape, is a natural nature reserve and home to millions of seabirds from the months of April to August/September each year.

Gjesvaer, North Cape, Norway

This past Sunday a documentary was aired which featured this extraordinary part of the world.  Here’s the link to the film.  It is in Norwegian, but the filming of the spectacular wildlife and nature speaks for itself.  I highly recommend taking a peek.

Norske naturperler, Nature’s Pearls (click here to be amazed, inspired, wowed)


If you aren’t able to open the link you can click on my post From Puffins to Cormorants.  A little glimse into my famly’s bird safari adventure.  On April 14, of 2013, wehad the privilege of watching 1 million puffins arrive in the North Cape.  That’s right, all on the same day!  Amazing!

So if you’re planning a trip to the North Cape in 2014, put Gjesvær and Gjesværstappan on your “must do” list.

17 thoughts on “A Film to inspire and awe- Gjesværstappan!

    1. Takk for det. Ja, helt utrolig å se de fulgene. Hvis du får anledning en gang, jeg virkelig anbefale å ta en tur på April 14 og se alle de fulgene som kommer hit. Helt fantastisk! Du hadde elsket å ta foto av dem 🙂

      1. Jeg har vært både ved Runde og ved Bleiksøya i Andøy, Nordland og sett samme antallet! Men, fotoskjul i havna i Båtsfjord er noe jeg vurderer for tida!

  1. I’ve enjoyed a couple of the Norske naturperler programs on NRK but hadn’t had time to look for them online – thanks for this post!

    1. You’re welcome, Cindi. Another interesting documentary on NRK is “Brøyt i vei”. Gives People a glimpse of the winter conditions here in Finnmark.

  2. I just saw a program focusing on Gjesværstappane on NRK. A remarkable place!
    I have a proposition for you! <you'll find my mail address under 'About' on my blog.
    Please contact me!

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