Polar Night Blues



The polar nights are rapidly passing.  The darkest day is only 11 days away.  This photo was taken during the lightest part of the day, around 11 am.  We have about a half-hour of this light.  what do you think?  Not so bad!

33 thoughts on “Polar Night Blues

  1. It’s amazing how can people survive in this kind of environment 🙂 I would go crazy and super depressed. I know you told me that you use light lamps every day, but still, I am fascinated by the fact that there is such short time with natural light every day and it’s not even a strong enough 🙂
    The photo is very nice to look at, but if I imagine I am in there..I am getting cold 😀

    1. It is true that some people get depressed. Our son is only 6 and he is affected by it. He’s not depressed, but he gets grumpy more often than is normal. The good news is that the darkest, shortest day is only 10 days away. As for being cold, it isn’t so bad, thanks to the gulf stream… it has been mostly a little below 0 C. They key is layering and wool!

  2. Do you all go outside to grab the fleeting hour of light? From your photo it looks like everyone is indoors, so maybe not.

    1. It is recommended, but it isn’t always so easy when we’re at work. And the timing is a bit off with lunch break. Today it was already dark before 11 am.

    1. Thanks Linda. Up here, this winter evening shot was taken at 11 in the morning. We get 24 hours of winter evenings for 2 months! Lots of practice taking photos.

  3. Wow, this is crazy! I’m having trouble to adjusting to the darker days in Denmark, but at least we have light from 9am until 4pm. I can’t imagine having only 1/2 an hour of light. It does make for a beautiful photo, though.

    1. It is strange, but I can see that I am more acclimated now, than three years ago, when we moved here. We moved here on the darkest day of the year, and were in complete shock. Felt like jetlag times a thousand 🙂

      1. Hah, I can imagine! So it’s not that dark here, but it IS raining almost every day, so even though we have more daylight than you, some days it really doesn’t feel like it.

        Happy Scandinavian Christmas! 🙂

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