Extreme Weather Warning Equals Inside Day

Since yesterday evening we’ve had an extreme weather warning in effect…. translated as winds around 30 mps (67 miles per hour) with wind gusts predicted up to 40-50 mps (89 to 110 mph).  Waves were predicted to be up to 15 meters high (50 feet).

Not sure how strong the winds were, or how high the waves were, but the Hurtigruta (Coastal Express) cancelled it’s route.  The roads to the island were closed due to strong winds.  And at our house the kids piled into our bed because they were afraid of the creaking walls and roof.  So for this wimpy American living in the North Cape… it was an indoor kind of day 🙂





14 thoughts on “Extreme Weather Warning Equals Inside Day

  1. Seems the winds have been crazy all over the place since the Phillipine typhoon hit! Even here in a climate totally opposite of yours, we’ve had a windy week with frequent gusts of 50mph!
    Stay safe!

  2. Glad you are all home in the cozy warmth while this is going on. Hard to imagine the waves being so high. It’s good you live up on a hill, but I’m sure the winds feel stronger there.

    1. Yes, we live in an area full of contrasts. And as for keeping warm, we live by the motto, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad/poor clothing.”

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