Whispers from the Past: A Hike to Kjelvik

Here is one more post from the first year I started blogging… which gives a lot of information about a beautiful little spot on Our island.

Everyday life in the North Cape & North of Norway

Once upon a time, a little town called Kjelvik had the largest population on the island of Magerøya.  In fact, the entire municipality was named after it.  Kids played on the shore, fishermen sailed out to sea, and I imagine that the inhabitants never expected that their everyday lives would be violently disrupted.

But World War II did just that.  In 1944, as the German occupation of Norway came to an end, their army left a path of destruction, burning all the homes, businesses, and livestock on the island of Magerøya (as well as most of the buildings in the northern region of Norway.)

And thus, Kjelvik’s future took a drastic turn.  After the war, a few homes were rebuilt, but in 1950 the municipality was renamed Nordkapp (North Cape) and Kjelvik’s bustling days became a distant memory.  Today Kjelvik’s houses are vacant, except for a few summer cabins.  The…

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