15 thoughts on “Breakfast Guest

    1. I love watching them. We’ve had a lot in our yard lately. But I have to sneak up to take pictures of them. They’re more afraid of us.

    1. Not everyone here thinks it’s so nice to have reindeer in their yard… they munch on everything. But I don’t mind… anything to get a nice, close up view of them 🙂 But if I had a vegetable garden, I might think otherwise.

    1. Thank you, Maria. The reindeer are owned by a Sami family and they have summer pasture on our island. They roam wild all summer long, but get more brave as the season progresses, and start entering more public areas.. like our yards and the streets.

  1. Hi, Erica –
    I observe you’re pretty handy with a camera! And for the time being wh have nobody assisting us at ‘SeeNorway’ living in Finnmark? So would you consider giving us a hand when you have the time and/or opportunity? You’ll find contact information under my ‘About’.
    All the best.

    1. Thank you for asking. I’ll check out the link and should be able to find some photos to contribute after the busy summer season (towards the end of August). I’ll be in touch 🙂 Erica

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