Cleaning up the Coast- TV Interview!

Since moving to the North Cape and coming face to face with the ugly reality of ocean pollution, I’ve asked myself what I can do as an individual to fight this gigantic problem, and help raise awareness.

ocean pollution

The amount of trash that’s washed up on the local coastlines is astounding.

Trash washed up at Fakkelbergbukta,  Nordkapp, Norway
Trash washed up at Fakkelbergbukta, Nordkapp, Norway

trash, ocean pollution, norway

Countless hikes to beaches riddled with trash helped me make the decision to start a project called One Step at a Time – Cleaning up the Coast.

So far we’ve collected 670 shoes and we have a goal of 1,000-  all of which will be used in artwork created by local artists of all ages.  The resulting exhibition will raise awareness and funds to clean up the North Cape coastline.

shoes, if this shoe could talk

Recently the project had some postive plublicity, with an interview aired on NRK’s regional news for Finmmark and Troms.  I was  honored to be asked to share about One Step at a Time.  Here’s the video link if you’re interested in seeing some of the 670 shoes that have been collected, as well as hear Norwegian spoken with and extremely thick American accent 🙂  Click on number 9 “Skosamleren”, which means “The Shoe Collecter”.

Sko Samleren/The Shoe Collector

And if you want to follow the progress of the project, please “like”our facebook page.  It’s written in English and Norwegian.

One Step at a Time Facebook Page

11 thoughts on “Cleaning up the Coast- TV Interview!

  1. I didn’t understand a word, but it is a great idea !
    Everybody should do this . In Hamburg there is always a big cleaning up in spring with thousands of volunteers. I must admit I haven’t joined it yet.
    Also I am not at facebook I will publish this link in my blog. Maybe we can spread this around the world 🙂
    BTW it is a good job if everybody uses a trash bin instead of spreading the garbage all around.
    That is really something I hate if I am walking around in a City or in nature and people just left their trash there.
    Wish you all the best for your project.
    Cheers Angela 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words and your willingness to share the information. It’s wonderful if more people start thinking what they can do to help. I agree with you, it is HORRIBLE when people litter…. basically just plain lazy. Hope you have a nice weekend. We are having 26 degrees in the North Cape! Amazing!!!

  2. Excellent, well done, Erica!!
    You’re aour role model. Now we have to copy the good work. With a smile:-) This is very inspiring.
    Ha en fin helg!
    Hilsen Dina

  3. Erica, that’s a great interview (not that I understood a word, but you appeared very relaxed : )
    It’s nice to see your art project get some press, and also lovely to see your gallery – it’s beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I’m really happy that the word is speading. The first artwork has already been created, thanks to students from our local visual arts school, ages 8-12. They’ve created 3 pieces each and they are really inspiring. I’m looking forward to seeing the final pieces, but the exhibition won’t be happening until the Fall.

  4. it’s terrible, isn’t it – and seems even more so in this pristine environment of the North Cape. Where’s it coming from, do you know? Until you can get them to stop (throwing their shoes in the water!) the ocean’s just going to keep depositing it on your coastlines. Everybody, everywhere, needs to become involved in this type of work. Congratulations.

    1. I think it really comes from all around the world. Have you read about the Great Garbage patch? It’s a floating island of trash estimated to be between the size of the state of Texas and the continental USA. Horrific! I agree with you – everybody, everywhere needs to become involved!

  5. Somebody ought to take responsibilty for things left to look like that! Of course, it gives you motives to photograph, but otherwise – not very nice! Our nature should be as clean as possible.

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