The Season of the Midnight Sun

It’s officially here, the midnight sun has arrived in the North Cape.  And here is what we have to look forward to…This photo was taken last year in June.


Midnight Sun, Nordkapp Plateau,  Norway

Midnight Sun, Nordkapp Plateau, Norway

If you want to follow the midnight sun this season, here are two webcam links:

Honningsvaag by the sea


North Cape Norway.

Where the sun doesn’t dip below the horizon until the end of July.

9 thoughts on “The Season of the Midnight Sun

  1. Wonderful picture, Erica. We also hope to see the midnight sun somewhere in June this year. Next Saturday we’re leaving to travel around in Norway and Sweden. During our round trip we will try to visit some places which readers can find again in my latest book. We’re going to make some pictures of those places so I can put the pictures on my website. So it will be a journey with an extra purpose. We like tot visit Magerøya again and of course we’re looking forward to meet you in June when we visit Honningsvåg. We are curious to see your gallery and we hope we will bring along some good weather so that we will see the midnight sun as on the picture above.

    Greetings from Holland!

    1. Looking forward to meeting you face to face. You and your husband will have to hold and evening free to have dinner with me and my husband 🙂 Safe travels!

  2. Thank you, Erica. We appreciate that very much. We will be careful and enjoy everything that will come across our way through Scandinavia!

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