13 thoughts on “Winter Roads

    1. Thank you. I’ve become so fond of these treeless areas, that I get annoyed when we drive on roads with trees on either side… feel claustrophobic. Never thought that would happen, as I’m a true lover of trees.

  1. There’s a stark and simple beauty there. Do they use anything on the roads like they do here…sand or salt or something…or just leave them as they are, but plowed a bit?

    1. I agree, Scott. I think it has to do with the fact that there aren’t any trees. As for the roads, the
      people that plow them are amazing. I’m thankful for the job they do. They put gravel on the roads, where there are icy patches.

      1. Yes, that’s probably it…the absence of trees…you’ve mentioned that before and I just took it for granted…but then actually looking at the landscapes, that is very much so…NO trees…wow….. Gravel on the roads…good deal…in Flagstaff, Ariz, they use crushed volcanic rock that’s taken from quarries right there along the mountains….

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