Waiting for the storm


There’s an abnormally large number of boats docked in the harbor today.  My uneducated, land-lubber guess is because of the today’s weather forecast that says a polar low, also called arctic hurricane, may touch down today.

On Monday, a polar low hit, and WOW, let me tell you, it was something to be experienced… in the safetey of one’s home.  Ferocious winds, heavy snowfall, zero visability and half- a meter to a meter snow drifts formed almost instantly on the roads.

So maybe that’s why there are so many boats today.. think I need to go over and ask one of the fishermen.

13 thoughts on “Waiting for the storm

    1. I actually had to walk in it with my three kids, 50 meters, out to the car.. and drive in it to get home. But the winds were only around 23 mps then… Not something I want to do again, though.

    1. Thanks, Scott. We have come to the storm month – March. Lots of snow, snow drifts, and closed roads. But is beatiful when the storm’s blown by and has left new formations, patterns, etc.

      1. You’re welcome…and so different from Idaho…does it still “blow you away” that you’re there at the edge of the world?

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