Painted Water Series

Painted Water Series….Because I’m addicted to these amazing reflections that evoke so many different emotions.  Nature’s abstract paintings.  Some are haunting, others melancholy, others just make me smile.  Happy Saturday, everyone!

046060058048041Boat reflections, norway, north cape

11 thoughts on “Painted Water Series

    1. Thank you. I look out at the harbor from my studio window. Can’t help but take photos of the amazing refections that change with the time of day and ever-shifting arctic light 🙂

  1. I love these and I understand the attraction of the reflected image in water. it’s as if we are looking at nature doing her own artistic word with the already existent image and we need do no more than capture what we are presented with. I’ve tried a few myself, just recording in black and white the masts of an old sailing ship, a replica of the sort of boat that took the Famine Irish to America. The image was taken in New Ross, Co Wexford.
    Link just might work 🙂

    1. Thank you. I agree, nature does all the work and we can just shoot away 🙂 The link worked and I loved the photo. Very painterly and the black and white suits it well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We have the same addiction. : )
    Water is just so compelling for many reasons. I love the colours and light here – so different than my little creek. Beautiful series, Erica.

    1. I know, Karen. I love your series from the creek. They are all so beautiful and the patterns created by the tree reflections and water currents are fascinating. I’m really enjoying your “Surface” series.

    1. Thank you. I really like them too. I’m amazed every day at the beautiful reflections. We’ve had really clear weather, which makes for lovely light and colors.

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