Photo for the day: Wiggly, squiggly

boats, honningsvåg harbor, north cape, norway


6 thoughts on “Photo for the day: Wiggly, squiggly

  1. I’m excited to have come across your blog. Although it looks sooo cold there, I love your photos. Thanks for following our blog and you can bet I’ll be following yours. bill

    1. Thank you. I’l looking forward to following your blog as well. I think it is so inspiring to read about a father and two sons that have gone into the photography business together. What an adventure! Glad I can follow it 🙂 Erica

    1. Thank you Sallyann. The beautiful reflections are back.. I’m finding that the lighting in the fall and spring create lovely reflections. Now we only have 11 days until the polar night season starts, so I need to make the most of our last days of sunlight.

      1. I worked backwards to catch up on what I’ve missed and arrived at this one … it made me smile all over again. Love the squiggles. 😀

      2. Thanks Sallyann. Glad you stopped by.. and now I’ve checked out your other blog… What do we know. Looking forward to learning a thing or two 🙂

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