Check out Those Reindeer Racks!

If you’ve followed this blog for awhile, then you know I’m a big fan of reindeer and I can teach you three ways to say reindeer poop as well as many other exciting reindeer facts.

A couple of days ago we had some visitors in our yard and all I can say is “Check out those RACKS!”  Amazing!

(I have to throw just one reindeer fact into this post… Did you know that reindeer antlers can grow up to three centimeters a day – making antlers the fastest growing bone in the world.  Umm.. yeah – AMAZING!)

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11 Responses to Check out Those Reindeer Racks!

  1. Kurt.A says:

    Beautiful animals aren’t they? Wow!

  2. drawandshoot says:

    Wow, they are spectacular creatures (and antlers)!
    How nice of them to pay you a visit. Great pictures, Erica.

  3. seekraz says:

    Wow! How nice that they just pop in for a visit like that…beautiful. 🙂

  4. Seasonal migration beginning yet???

    • ekhaugli says:

      Not yet. Sometime in September the reindeer will leave the island. I’m hoping to be there to take pictures – they SWIM across the fjord.

      • Elly Koster says:

        Beautiful pictures! Yes, they are really amazing animals with their huge antlers. We’ve seen them a lot on our way through Norway and of course on Magerøya. Once we stayed on a campsite near by lake Femund in Hedmark where they were grazing around our camper. You almost could use them as a hat-rack. It must be very special to see them swimming across the fjord. I look forward to see the pictures of this happening…

  5. tokyobling says:

    Lovely animals! When I was a kid we used to “bump” into them all the time at the highway, licking salt of the roads. Quite a few people stocked their fridge that way… 😉

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