A Biker with a Cause: Julian Davies in the North Cape

On July 10th, Once Upon a Dream Gallery and Gift Shop had a drawing for my book, A North Cape Winter:  71 Degrees North of the Equator.

I was delighted when I saw the winning name:  Jackie Davies.  Although I’ve never met her in person, I’ve had a privilege of meeting her husband, Jules.  If it weren’t for the North Cape, our paths would have never crossed.

On May 22, 2012, I drove to the Nordkapp Plateau to meet Håkon, Henrik and Andy as they finished their 2,500 kilometer ski expedition.  The wind gusts were whipping, measuring between 22-25 mps (50-55 mph).

Standing at the entrance to the North Cape Hall was a man clothed in black leather riding clothes.  I noticed a sticker on his motorcycle that read, “Solo bike tour 4 cancer“.  When I asked him if we could chat, he was visibly shaken from his adventurous ride up the windy mountain battling gusty winds.

Here’s what I found out about  Julian Davies, a biker with a cause.

Julian Davies, Solo Bike Tour 4 Cancer

In 2010, Jule’s wife, Jackie, at the age of 43, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was successfully treated and Jules decided to begin a fund raiser for breast cancer, with the proceeds going back to the hospital where Jackie received excellent care.  Thus began the planning stages of Solo Bike Tour 4 Cancer.

In the beginning of May, he mounted his DL650 Suzuki V-Strom, and started his journey. Thirteen days later, he found himself at the North Cape in weather conditions he hadn’t anticipated.

Julian Davies arrived at the North Cape on a windy, May day

The wind was blowing so strongly that it was dangerous to drive his motorcycle down the mountain, and pitching a tent wasn’t very appealing.  I offered Julian a room in our house and our family had the privilege of spending time with Jules and eating his wonderful cooking. (Did I mention he’s a chef and owns his own restaurant?  Julian’s Restaurant.)

The next day he attempted to make his departure, but on May 23 it was snowing at the North Cape:

Julian’s North Cape Adventure

After three crashes and some minor damage to his bike, he left the bike on the mountain and came back to our house for another nice evening of chatting and another delicious meal. (Thanks Jules!)

His motorcycle was taken down to Honningsvåg and was given the “OK” for Julian to continue on his expedition the following day.  Now he’s back safe and sound in the UK with his lovely wife, Jackie.

Jackie and Jules Davies

So, thanks to the North Cape, for crossing our paths and thanks to Julian for good conversation and great food.  And now, Jackie, I promise I’m sending your book in the mail tomorrow!  Cheers!

8 thoughts on “A Biker with a Cause: Julian Davies in the North Cape

  1. Thank you so much , lovely bit of writing. Love to you Onar ,joshua Ella and Edan . The wilderness family

  2. What a beautiful thing this man did for his wife … and for those who suffer from breast cancer. And THEN for her to win the book – that is amazing! =D

  3. An encouraging story. First is the one you love fighting against a terrible disease and finally she is overcoming it. And after that, the husband travels on his bike to the North Cape for all those who find themselves in the same situation as his wife did. A story of love and courage… Respect for you, mr. Julian Davies!

  4. Thank you all for the lovely words you all have written. But the real hero was Jackie, her bravery and trust in the people who cared for her , humbled me. As i was with her for every step of her treatment her courage made it tolerable for both of us. Again thank you for your thoughts and your support for this wonerful site. Love and respect
    Julian Davies

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