Twisted and Tangled

Living on the island of Magerøya has made me more aware of ocean pollution.  The powerful ocean waves may wash plenty of driftwood onto shore, but that’s not all.  I’ve found computers, chairs, countless rubber gloves, toothpaste tubes, ketchup bottles and the list goes on.  I’m currently working on a project that will hopefully raise funds to clean up this spectacular coastline.

Here’s a series of just some of the ropes and fishing nets that riddle the coastline of one tiny bay.

11 thoughts on “Twisted and Tangled

    1. The patterns are fascinating, just too bad they’re on the shoreline, instead of hanging on a boat 🙂 But I’m glad that I can play my part in cleaning up this beautiful coastline. Have a great weekend. We’re getting ready to go to the 17. mai parade. The kids are bouncing off the walls… so excited!

  1. I love in a little fishing village in SE Ireland, (52 degrees North) Today is community clean the beach day, gloves and bags provided, notice in local shop/pub/cafe, even the village schoolchildren will be walked down to help out. Sea litter is a global problem and quite serious for marine life.

    1. It’s wonderful to hear about your community taking the problem of ocean pollution seriously and involving all age levels. We also have cleanup days, but many of the bays that are filled with trash on Magerøya have to be reached by boat – too steep and to far to carry the trash on people’s backs. I agree that ocean pollution is a serious global issue. Hopefully more communities will begin with projects like the one in your village.

  2. Hi Erica, it’s so interesting that I was finding the same things on the opposite coast just last week. All those rubber gloves; many of them used by fisherman, I think.

    1. Yes, it’s amazing what washes up on shore all over the world. If you haven’t read about the Great Garbage Patch, you might be interested. It’s a body of trash swirling in the ocean, estimated to be the size of at least Texas, and some estimate as large as the continental US. Absolutely horrific. As for gloves, I think you’re right. They’re everywhere on our coastline.

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