Family Hike #2: Dinner by the Sea

When winter lasts around 7 months, and the bare ground is emerging again, our family is ready for action.  Saturday we went on a 6 1/2 hour day hike (Saturday + Bare Ground = Family Hiking Day).  Yesterday we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a late afternoon hike and eat our dinner by the sea in Skipsfjord.

Skipsfjord, Nordkapp, Norway

fine dining location

7 thoughts on “Family Hike #2: Dinner by the Sea

  1. Your adopted country seems to be one of raw beauty. I love the photos I see of the northern reaches and used to be afraid to visit because I thought I would want to stay and I didn’t want the isolation. Now that I’m (considerably) older I should make these visits – now I know I wouldn’t stay, even though it might ask me to.

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