Putting their Paddling to the Test

And they’re off!

Magnus and Lars

On April 23, Magnus and Lars, two native North Capers, embarked on the journey of a lifetime.

They set out from Lindesnes and are paddling the coast of Norway:  Destination – 71º N of the Equator.

You can follow their current location on the map here:  Lars and Magnus’ paddling route.  And for those of us who don’t have the skills and biceps to view the Norwegian coastline from a kayak (ummmm, like me), you can live vicariously through their photos by checking out their blog where they post regularly (From 51º to 71º in kayaks).

Magnus and Lars camping spot on the island of Kamøy

Here’s were they pitched their tent after paddling across Boknafjorden:  A welcome rest after paddling over 10 km, against a strong headwind.

And I must say that after yesterday’s snowfall in Nordkapp, viewing their photos of sandy, BARE beaches and green grass, does make me a bit envious.

Keep up the great paddling, Magnus and Lars!

All photos are property of Lars and Magnus and used with permission.

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