Two “North Capers” on their own Nordkapp Adventure

In the first of the series, The Call of the North Cape (Nordkapp), I’d like to introduce you to two native “North Capers” (Nordkaperne) who are about to embark on their own Lindesnes to Nordkapp expedition.  Their journey will not be on foot, skis, or peddling a bicycle.  What’s their preferred means of transportation for this 2,000 km (1,243 mile) trip? Kayaks!

Meet Magnus Nilsen and Lars Eirik Isaksen:

Magnus Nilsen
Lars Eirik Isaksen

Lars Eirik started canoeing in 1986, but switched to kayaking in recent years.  Magnus began kayaking in 2009.  Now these two active outdoorsmen are ready to put their paddling to the test.

Their adventure begins on April 21 with an estimated Nordkapp arrival twelve weeks after their Lindesnes departure.  Self-described “Finnmark Patriots”, or in other words, huge fans of their local roots, they say they’ll put aside their local pride and explore the length of the Norwegian coast with open minds.

Magnus and Lars Eirik are dedicating their expedition to the Norwegian Sea and Rescue Organization (NSR),  an entity that works to save lives and safeguard the coastal environment.  NSR’s funding comes from donations, contributions and membership fees which help ensure that their rescue boats are ready and able to respond to emergency situations.

I’m looking forward to following Magnus and Lars Eirik’s adventure and you can, as well. Check out Fra 51º to 71º i kajakk to view photos along their journey.  At this point, it’s written in Norwegian, but in time, they hope to also post in English.

Experience North Cape would like to wish these two courageous kayakers the best on their 2,000 km expedition!  God Tur og Lykke Til!

All photos are property of Lars and Magnus and are used with permission.

11 thoughts on “Two “North Capers” on their own Nordkapp Adventure

  1. Oh how nice you introduce these both guys. I’ll love to follow them via internet. Do you know James’ website? He went with ski, cycle and kayak to the north! I followed his trip in 2009. It’s an amazing adventure.
    Have a nice day. I guess my reflection photo comes soon! 😉

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