Shiny, Happy Friday!

The weather here in Honningsvåg today is fabulous.  And once again, I can’t stop going outside to take photos.  It’s gorgeous out there!

Honningsvåg Harbor, March 23, 2012

And because I’m turning into an upside-down photo geek, here’s one more:

17 thoughts on “Shiny, Happy Friday!

    1. I love the bright colors and glad I took some pictures this week because today was a gray day. We received more snow overnight. But I can live awhile on the bright colors. And as for green hills, they are actually covered mostly in rocks, with some areas of grass and small shrubs. Of course we have some areas that are green, but it doesn’t happen until around June.

      1. Well I’m glad you have your bright colors, then. And your getting green grass in June sounds like some of our mountain locations over here…there’s a place called Albion Basin toward the far end of Little Cottonwood Canyon in our Wasatch Mountains that doesn’t really get its spring and summer until July and August. The wildflowers bloom like crazy…by the thousands….

      2. Wildflowers by the thousands sounds wonderful. If you get a chance, please take some photos of them in the summer. Utah is a beautiful, diverse state. I’ve been to SLC and the Great Salt Lake, Park City, Moab, Arches… and driven many times through Utah when I lived in Denver. Beautiful scenery!

    1. Thank you, Ana. I think it has a lot to do with the crispy, clean air we had that day. I thought you might like some of those bright colors 🙂

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