What 20,000 Tourists and the Queen Know…

Queen Sonja of Norway was one of 20,000 tourists that traveled to the small fishing village of Kamøyvær last year.  But first she decided to follow in the footsteps of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway, who, in 1873, climbed the cliff face of the Nordkapp Plateau.  Yepp, that’s a Norwegian Queen for you!  And she’s turning 75 this summer.  The viking blood must run deep.

During her highness’s pilgrimage to the North Cape she also visited Kamøyvær.  Why?  To take a peek into this tiny, sunshine-yellow house.

Gallery East of the Sun, Kamøyvær, Nordkapp, Norway

Surprised?  She, like 20,000 other people chose to put The Gallery East of the Sun on their list of  “Sights to see while in the North Cape.” (www.evart.no).

The delightful woman who runs this gallery is Eva Schmutterer, a German collage artist  (surprised again?) who moved to the North Cape in 1997 and opened her dream gallery in 2005.

Eva Schmutterer, Collage Artist, Gallery East of the Sun

Her collage pieces capture the spectacular scenery of the area, as well as the variations in lighting and weather conditions throughout the seasons.  It’s no wonder tourists, and locals alike, are drawn to her artwork.

The following collage, “Distant Horizon” is one of my favorite.  This piece speaks so strongly to me of the strength of women, especially Magerøya women throughout the ages.

Eva’s summer’s are a whirlwind of tourists and 12-16 hour work days, as busloads of people stream through her sunny gallery and find a keepsake, or two or three, to remind them of their pilgrimage to the North Cape.

In the off-season she enters into a creative world, nestled in her studio surrounded by a picturesque fishing town.

Kamøyvær, Nordkapp, Norway

Eva’s creativity doesn’t stop with making collages, she designs jewelry:

and reindeer that make you smile:

And she brings fairy tails of the Nordkapp troll and Rudi the reindeer to life in her children’s books:

I encourage all travelers heading to or from the North Cape Plateau to stop by The Gallery East of the Sun.  Meeting Eva is as delightful as looking at her vibrant artwork.  I guarantee you won’t regret it.  Queen Sonja didn’t.  In fact, after returning home, she wrote a hand-written letter to Eva, complimenting Eva on her artwork and sharing that the queen was reading Lise and the Nordkapp Troll to her grandchildren.

And guess which print the queen bought?

Distant Horizon by Eva Schmutterer
Distant Horizon by Eva Schmutterer

21 thoughts on “What 20,000 Tourists and the Queen Know…

    1. Kathleen, I did take some photos of the studio but I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of them and I didn’t want to do anything to deter from the quality of Eva’s work. So, maybe another time, like when in May when she has an exhibition. Thanks for checking back and leaving a comment. 🙂

  1. Hei igjen,
    fine that you like my blog and follow it now. I follow yours via Bloglovin. So inspiring to see fresh and new pictures from Northern Norway. Your post is funny because I own two artworks by Eva. I bought them while I was on the Northcape in Winter. They offered special opening hours for our group. But I never was in her studio. Didn’t know about it the few years before I was at Magerøya in summertime. I love her work, too and I didn’t know she also designs jewlery.
    I saw a video at NRK about Queen Sonja walking up kongeruten to the Northcape plateau. Amazing and very sympathic.
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. That’s great to hear you have some of her artwork. If you come back to Magerøya again, I hope you can meet her. She’s a wonderful woman. And as for Queen Sonja, I think she is a remarkable woman. Her trip to the North Cape shows many of her strong character traits, but I’m especially impressed that she took the time to write a letter to Eva.
      Glad you found my blog and that I can follow yours. Have a great weekend as well.

    1. I agree, it does have the look of stained glass. She actually has a some prints on a type of transparent paper, and the frame can be set in a window to let the light shine through, or a tea light can be placed behind the picture.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my site and leaving a ‘like’.
    I not only like, but LOVE this post–Eva’s artwork is thrilling because it captures the essence of that eternal place you now call home. Especially evocative and moving are her depictions of the Northern Lights and that special light which comes from ‘midnight sun’. Anyone with a dream and some cash can open a gallery (I suppose), but few can find that ethereal heartbeat of nature that so touches her soul it filters through her art. Often it takes an ‘outsider’ to do this, because someone ‘from away’ notices immediately the tangible and intangible differences a lifelong native can’t compare to something else. I admire Eva. Her work has a personal style which is so distilled, anyone walking into a room can immediately say, ‘oh! You have an ‘Eva’ on your wall!’.

    1. I’m so glad you loved this post. And yes, Eva’s artwork has captured the essence of Nordkapp. I’m going to tell her to read your wonderful comment. I’m sure it will warm her heart, especially coming from such a talented artist as yourself. By the way, I liked your horses very much, critique and all. And seeing the progression is fascinating! Do you have a gallery? Or plans of opening one in the future?

  3. oops–didn’t see this nice message til now–and thank you about my horse painting. I am part of a co-op gallery with 13 potters, painters, weavers, felt makers, and glass makers. Opening up one here is a risky enterprise–anywhere, really, which is why I admire Eva so much. Without a definite artistic style and keen business sense, it is a very difficult undertaking–and even WITH those attributes, one still walks a financial tightrope. She’s to be admired on many levels!

  4. Reblogged this on experiencenorthcape and commented:

    This past week I met with my friend and fellow North Cape Artist, Eva Schmuttterer. She is going to be participating in the One Step at a Time Exhibition with me this summer. If you haven’t seen her work, I think you’ll enjoy this post. Happy Friday, everyone!

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