Photos for the Day: Boat Reflections

23 thoughts on “Photos for the Day: Boat Reflections

    1. Thank you, Karen. We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather, without huge amounts of snow. Yesterday felt like spring. Last year we had snow until May, so I’ll take any spring-like day I can get. It was beautiful.

    1. Thank you Ana. It was such a gorgeous day yesterday and the colors were “popping” out everywhere. Can’t help but smile on a day like that.

  1. I think the atmosphere…the light there…during some months must be like the light in Santa Fe. It’s different…clean, clear, crisp light. The abstractions here are fascinating, Erica. I especially like the altered reflection around the boat. How do you do that in only one area of the photograph?

    1. Hi George. Yes, the air was very clean and crisp on Monday and the sky was a bright blue, hence the vivid blue in the water. As for the reflection around the boat, that’s exactly how it looked. No altercations. I’m not technically advanced enough to know how do to that. I just take pictures and share them “as is”. I’m hoping to take a class in the future, but with getting ready to open the gallery, I don’t have enough hours in the day. How’s it going with that new lense of yours? Looks like lots of fun. I want one now too! 🙂

  2. Lovely reflections. 🙂
    I always try to catch the water as still as I can to get a clear reflection but these are really pretty, I’ll not worry about the water movement next time. 🙂

    1. Thank you, SallyAnn. Since we live on the coast, the ocean currents keep the water moving, but it was a calm day when I took these so the reflections worked well. Enjoy your time in France. I liked your photo of the Eiffel Tower. I’ve never been to Paris – a definite must. My husband just let me know we’re going to Rome for a couple of days. We were there last year and fell in love with the city. Can’t wait to go back and take more photos.

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