Ice is Nice – As Long as You Keep Your Mittens On

In the beginning of February when we had record low temperatures and the salt water spray froze as soon as it hit the air, I was reminded why I tell my children not to take off their mittens.   My fingers paid the price, but it was worth it to venture out and take photos of rocks, grass and the coastline, covered in a sheet of ice.  If you didn’t see my first post with a dock encased in ice, you can click here B-b-b-brrrr! Beautiful! And B-B-B-BRRR!.

Hope you enjoy them!

15 thoughts on “Ice is Nice – As Long as You Keep Your Mittens On

    1. Hope you’re enjoying your time in Norway. Are you by chance a college student at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN? My best friend lives there and graduated from St. Olaf. She also was in Olso for 6 months. If you do have time and can afford a trip up here before you travel home, I recommend it. Let me know and you’ll have an American that can give you a tour 😉

      1. Thanks….I am SO not a photographer, it’s something I have fun playing around with….so when I see the work of true photographers I’m completely blown away…as I was looking at your work!

      2. I like to play around too – definitely not a photographer but I love to take photos. I need to take a class and learn all the technical stuff, but I’m fortunate to have beautiful surroundings to try my hand at it. By the way, I’m following your blog now, thanks to George Weaver 🙂

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