A Fascinating Rendition of the Norwegian National Anthem: A Chorus of Voices from Lindesnes to Nordkapp

Today I saw a fascinating and touching rendition of the Norwegian National Anthem, “Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet” (“Yes, We Love this Country.)  It was created by a musician, composer  and artist named Ole Hamre.

He’s developed what he calls a Folkefon, a type of “menneskeorgel” (human organ).  He visited folk from Lindesnes, the southernmost point of Norway, all the way up to Nordkapp and asked them to look directly into his camera and sing a long tone.  Afterward, he transferred those tones and faces into a computer program, which he can actually “play” like a real instrument.  Hence, a human organ.

The concept behind the project was to show the deep love Norwegians have for their country. He recorded people with all kinds of backgrounds:  Old and young, black and white, powerful and weak.   He also wanted to express love for this country in the good, as well as difficult times, as life in Norway, like all countries has a darker side as well.

Click on the link below to see the video:

“Ja, vi elsker dette landet” Folkofon – Ole Hamre

Nordkapp Plateau

I hope you enjoy this video and tell me what you think.  Does it give you a different pictures of this Scandinavian country?

8 thoughts on “A Fascinating Rendition of the Norwegian National Anthem: A Chorus of Voices from Lindesnes to Nordkapp

  1. Very cool! As somebody else said: I like how all kinds of people were picked to represent Norway. People living outside Scandinavia tend to believe that everybody living here are blond and blue eyed…and that polar bears roam the street in Stockholm. Ha det!


    1. I know, before I moved to Norway I had a lot of people asking about polar bears and penguins. And even I grew up with the stereotype of blond hair and blue eyes.

  2. What a special video! I enjoyed to see and hear these variety of people singing the Norwegian National Anthem, everyone with his or hers own enthusiasm. I don’t see something like this happen here with the Dutch National Anthem, it’s a rather heavy song, or Ole Hamre must write something nice for the Dutch people too… But this was really very original!

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