A Fisherman and His Bike

A lone bicycle has caught my attention throughout this past year.  I often spot it resting in the same place, leaning on the top of a staircase that leads to one of the local boat docks.  This faithful companion waits for its fisherman, in blustery winds, rain-drenched weekdays and on spectacular sunny days that one recalls in the midst of a frigid winter.

It caught my attention the first time I saw it and I’ve been curious about its owner ever since.  Last week I had the fortune of meeting the man who rides this trusted 1960’s bike back and forth from his house, come rain or shine.  OR snow.

I had a delightful conversation with him.  I think he was as curious about the crazy lady taking pictures in the freezing cold as I was in him.   I tried to get a picture of his beautiful blue eyes that perfectly matched his scarf, but he was a bit shy when this out-going American asked him for a “photo shoot” 🙂  I’m very thankful he said I could take his photo, and even more delighted that he took the time to chat with me.  Hoping there will be more conversations to come.

7 thoughts on “A Fisherman and His Bike

    1. Thank you Alexandra. I asked him for permission to take his photo, but I didn’t ask about sharing his story. So, I’ll have to ask him the next time I meet him. We’ll see what he says 🙂

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