The Queen of Scandinavian Design

The Nordkappmuseet (North Cape Museum) offers tourists a look into the history and culture of the local fishing community.  In addition, one can enjoy exhibitions, featuring Norwegian artists, like Grete Prytz Kittelsen, the Queen of Scandinavian Design.

Emalie Design, Grete Prtyz Kittelsen

The museum is located in the center of Honningsvåg, not far from the Hurtigruten (Coastal Express) dock.  Just follow the arrows on the signs.

Nordkappmuseet (North Cape Museum)

And keep following them all the way up to the third floor.

I was there on a day with the wind was whipping, rather than nipping, and was warmly greeted by one of the curators at the museum.

The current exhibition features the work of Grete Prytz Kittelsen (1917-2010).  She was a Norwegian goldsmith, enamel artist and designer and often called the “Queen of Scandinavian Design“.  This design movement began in the 1950’s and is characterized by simple designs, functionality and low-cost mass production:  Allowing not only the wealthy, but all people, access to beautiful, functional everyday objects.

Nordkappmusset (North Cape Museum)

When viewing her work, I see the same colors I find walking along the Honninvsåg harbor and neighborhoods.

Honningsvåg Harbor
Honningsvåg, January 2012

And as for the rest of the museum, you can look forward to getting a feel for the coastal life, learning it’s history and finding more Scandinavian design.

Glass floats, Nordkappmuseet

spiral staircase, Nordkappmuseet

8 thoughts on “The Queen of Scandinavian Design

    1. Thank you for taking the time to make a comment. I appreciate it. The glass balls are old-fashioned fishing floats used by fishermen to keep their fishing nets afloat. The rope around them protects them from breaking, as well as to attach them to the netting. Now, of course, they are used as decoration and if you find one on the coastline, unbroken, it’s an exciting find. I actually found one this summer, and was amazed it hadn’t been crashed by the waves and the rocks. 🙂

  1. I love Scandianvian design! The elegant simplicity of it.
    “Honningsvåg, January 2012” is a fantastic photograph Erica. The lighting on the beautiful coloured houses is excellent. I guess you only have low light there right now which makes for very interesting images. Great post!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Karen. I really like Scandinavian design, even more so after living in Norway for almost a decade. And as for the lighting here in Honningsvåg, it’s rapidly changing now that the sun’s started peeking over the horizon. A welcome sight. I really enjoy your blog. Your photos are wonderful and it’s nice to see winter scenes with trees and bushes 🙂 And just like Canadians, one of our favorite topics is the weather.

  2. “Honningsvåg, January 2012” is a great photograph! It reminds me of a tilt-shift photo since the village looks as though it’s in miniature.
    And I’m always attracted to the symmetry of photos like “spiral staircase” and the dishes. Thanks for posting and sharing!

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