A Christmas Tree With ‘Tude…. 71º North Latitude, That is…

If I happened to meet a Christmas tree that wanted to grow up in the North Cape of Norway, well, honestly, I’d advise him otherwise.  First, I’d tell him that his kind don’t grow here.  It’s just not natural.  Not trying to be rude, just telling it like it is.

Now if he still insisted on an arctic dwelling, I’d remind him that the growing season is only 50-60 days a year.  Just think how fast and big he could grow if he lived, well, you know, where his kind DO grow.

And if his heart was still set on living where the sun doesn’t shine for 2 months, I’d remind him that the wind might just whip him right out of the ground.   And if that didn’t change his mind, then I guess he might just be a Christmas Tree with enough attitude to handle the latitude.

Like this tough guy who was donated by a local family:

Christmas Tree, Honningsvåg Round About

His fifty years on the island of Magerøya have given him quite the personality.  What he lacks in branches, he makes up in charm.  I think he deserves a plaque to inform tourists just how tough he is.  In fact, there’s never been a tree from Magerøya that’s had the honor of standing in the center of the round-about all decked in Christmas lights.

Christmas Tree, Honningsvåg

I’m guessing that that his sunny side was on the right.

And now that he’s made the big move from a local backyard to Honningsvåg’s round-about, he’s still got to keep up the tough-guy attitude.  Because when the wind whips off the sea and barrels down the street, he no longer has roots to help him out.  Thankfully, he’s got a good supply of wooden stakes to keep him standing.

Wooden stakes for support

And when the wind blows so hard that the stakes snap in two, and he’s leaning at a 45 degree angle, someone comes and hammers in another stake and props him right back up.

So, my hat’s off to the Christmas tree with lots of attitude at 71 degrees North Latitude!

9 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree With ‘Tude…. 71º North Latitude, That is…

  1. It seems a bit of a shame to have cut it down, but it’s good to see its unique character is welcomed in the place that formed it. It makes a good statement! Ha en hyggelig jul 🙂

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