25 Down, 25 Plus to Go!

I recently started renting a storefront for my upcoming gallery, located on my favorite street in Honningsvåg, Sjøgata (Seaside Drive).  (To see some pictures of it in the daylight, you can check out From the Potato State to the Edge of the Sea.)  Here’s a the view just down the street from my front door before the polar nights arrived:

Honningsvåg Harbor, view down the street from my gallery

Since then, I guess I could be described as inspired, hyper or on a major adrenaline rush.  And the results of all this energy are a fresh coat of paint in 2 rooms of my gallery (Before, After and Before) and over 25 paintings and 30 collage pictures.  As well as Christmas ornaments, handmade cards, and drift-wood creations.

Here are a few of the watercolor and acrylic paintings I’ve completed, inspired by my seaside surroundings:

Boats in Honningsvåg Harbor, watercolor
Boats in Honningsvåg Harbor, watercolor
Fishing boats at sea, watercolor
Treasures of the Sea, Acrylic

And because it’s almost Christmas, I’ve done a series of angels:

Red Angel, watercolor

Next step, framing in the collage pictures, and of course, getting ready to celebrate Christmas!

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