Giving the Gift of Time

I think that one of the best gifts we can receive is when someone unconditionally gives us the gift of their precious time – no strings attached.  In a world filled with “to-do” lists, activity after activity, and more text messages than actual conversations, quality time with one another is something that gets squeezed out.

This weekend, I received the gift of time, from not one, not two, but five different people.  Five women whom I’ve known less than a year.  I’m in awe and “thankful” is an understatement.

You see, I’m on an amazing adventure of starting a gallery and gift shop – a dream that I’ve carried with me for many years.  Who knew I’d have to move to the top of the world to see this dream realized?

Well, this past Friday, I started painting the interior of my store.  A diamond in the rough, no doubt:

Gallery before painting
gallery before painting

The rooms are a combination of cement, particle board, and wood panelling.  The color scheme is orange, yellow, blue, gray and white.   And it’s not insulated.  Can you tell I’m a dreamer?  BUT the location is super:

View of the harbor from inside the gallery
View from my front steps, boat house, Honningsvåg Harbor

And the building was built in the 1950’s, when the residents of Honningsåg had to start from scratch after WWII.  The location used to be a grocery store and it has some charming shelves and drawers on one of the walls:

grocery store drawers and shelves

I’ve had several people mention that they could help me paint when I was ready.  However, I didn’t realize I was ready until the day before I started to paint.  Uh, typical me and, hence, last minute request for help.

The first person I asked had a vacation day from work, and what did she do on her day off?    You got it, helped me paint.  When her teenage daughter stopped by after school, expecting a ride home from school, she changed her plans and started painting as well.

My husband dropped in and said I could continue working throughout the evening and he’d put the kids to bed.  So, I sent a text message to all of the people who had mentioned they were willing to help.  I really expected to be painting alone, but forty-five minutes later I was joined by one of them, and when she left, another arrived.  So, in the course of two days, we’ve managed to finish painting all the walls in my gallery.  Absolutely amazing!

I’m humbled, grateful and in awe of these five ladies, who were willing to give of their precious time at the drop of a hat.  And not to mention, to someone they’ve only known for less than a year.

To Experience North Cape, is more than witnessing the midnight sun, polar nights, spectacular nature and extreme weather conditions.  It’s meeting caring people who are willing to help someone come one step closer to her dream.  Thank you Bente, Siren, Birgit, Monica, and Montaha!  And although you don’t expect it, I owe you one!

Check back to see the “After” pictures.

8 thoughts on “Giving the Gift of Time

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. Yes, I’m blessed with good friends and I’m thrilled to be finally living out one of my dreams. I wish you the best of luck in your new transition. It’s so important to love your job. And, by the way, great hair cut 😉

  1. what a wonderful gallery and good friends!! i wish i could be there to help you paint (although i think i might have liked the mish mash of colors!) hope we can all get together someday soon!

    1. I’m so thankful for good friends after only living here a year. And although I like lots of colors too, trust me, the 8 colors were NOT pretty. Now I can fill the white walls with lots of color, just on canvases and paper 🙂 Miss you!

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