Six Giggling Gals Experience 71º North

A little over four years ago, I went with my son to his three-month check up.  It was a group meeting, where mothers and their children met with a pediatric nurse.  I never imagined that those six other moms would become good friends and that one day they would visit me up in the North Cape.

But life sometimes throws us fun surprises along the journey.  What started as a group check-up, led to regular play-dates, and after a year of getting together with the kids, we decided moms’-nights-out were really what we needed.

When my family moved to Honningvåg, this group of ladies said they would visit.  And they did just that.  Without our children and our significant others, six of the seven of us spent a long weekend experiencing North Cape together.  We laughed, cried, hiked, danced, shopped and ate, drank and were merry.  Yep, we had fun!  Here are some of the highlights from our first day together.

North Cape Plateau
Leaning into the gusty wind at the North Cape Plateau
Kirkeporten, Norway
Signing our names with rocks at Kirkeporten
signing names at Kirkeporten

Thanks to great friends who were willing to fly all the way up here to experience North Cape with me!

Great friends together at 71º North

3 thoughts on “Six Giggling Gals Experience 71º North

  1. Det er fantastisk å få så gode venner i “voksen” alder:-) Vi hadde en flott langhelg i Honningsvåg hvor Erica viste og fortalte oss mye historikk. Vi ble rett og slett imponert over kunnskapen til denne supre damen. Gleder meg å treffe alle igjen. Dere er de beste!

    1. Thanks Linda! I looked at your new format. Looks great. Looking forward to following your bucket list! Let me know when you both head over this way 😉

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