From the Potato State to the Edge of the Sea

Honningvåg Harbor in the summer

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve strolled along the harbor in Honninsvåg, and we haven’t even lived here a year yet.  Growing up in Idaho, where the ocean was a distant thought, my experience with seaside communities were few and far between.  Now I live in one and I’m intrigued by a lifestyle so far removed from world I knew in the famous potato state.

I admire the weathered fishermen who are as rugged as the seas they dare to sail.  I like breathing in the salty-fishy air and watching the wind gusts breeze across the bay.  And when I walk along the harbor, I take photos of things that most locals probably consider ordinary.  Just like when my Norwegian husband travels to the United States and wants to take a picture of a 50’s diner in the middle-of-nowhere Eastern Oregon.

So here’s a glimpse of the  Honningsvåg harbor from a land-lubber foreigner’s perspective.

Honningvåg Harbor
One of the piers in Honningvåg, Norway
Boat reflections, Honnignvåg Harbor
Walkway along the harbor
What kind of fish is this?

One thing’s for certain, you can’t find one of these in Idaho.

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