A trip to the top of Europe

If you stand on the edge of the Nordkapp (North Cape) Plateau and believe that you’re at the northernmost point of Europe, well, unfortunately your not.  Technically speaking, you’re exactly 1,457 meters or 4,780 feet or .905 miles short of your goal.  Turning your head slightly to the west, you’ll see where you really should be standing:  Knivskjellodden.

Knivskjellodden, the northernmost point of Europe

While nearly 300,000 tourists visit the Nordkapp Plateau each year, Knivskjellodden has a slightly smaller number.  As of 11:22 PM, last night, August 15, 2011, 961 people had travelled there this year.  If you want to add your name to that list, all you need is good hiking boots, bottled water and appropriate clothing.  Like the Norwegian saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad/poor clothing.”

The Knivskjellodden hiking trail is 9 km, 18 km round trip (5.6 miles/11.2), and is well worth the time it takes to get there.  Between May 14 and July 28, the midnight sun is shining in this part of the world, and in August one can see the sun set and rise on a night-time hike. Absolutely breathtaking!

The trail is very rocky.  Picture bumpy cobblestone streets, but with larger rocks, deeper crevices, on a decline one way and incline the other.  So, good boots are your feet’s best friend.  Basically you just follow the rock tower trail markers.

Knivskjellodden, Rock tower trail markers

Yesterday we had amazing warm weather and clear skies, making conditions ideal for seeing the sunset in front of us and the full moon behind us.

Sun setting on the way to Knivskjellodden
Full moon on hike to Knivskjellodden

When we came down to the sea, we had an impressive view of the 1,007 foot Nordkapp Cliff.

View of Nordkapp Plateau from Knivskjellodden

And then, of course, we had to take our pictures at the northernmost point of Europe as well as write our names in the visitor’s book, found in the little while box marked with a “T”.

Kniveskjellodden, northermost point of Europe
Sign the visitor's book

Some previous pilgrims had left bottles of wine and cognac, and although we were tempted to take a swig or two, we thought we’d do the hospitable thing and let visitors #962 & 963 do the honors.

Before we headed back home, we admired the colorful sky, the massive Nordkapp cliff, and the glowing full moon.  And now we can say that we’ve been to the top of Europe.

Between sunset and sunrise at Knivskjellodden
View of Nordkapp from Knivsjkellodden

18 thoughts on “A trip to the top of Europe

  1. How magnificent!

    During my two years stay, I never went to Knivskjellodden.
    I can see now, that I have to come back and take the trip. And also, I have heard that there are good waters for fishing trout on your way there…

    I hope you enjoy your time in Honningsvåg!

    Regards from Maren L.

    1. Thanks Maren. Yes, you have to take a trip there and bring your fishing pole. Onar brought his, but didn’t catch any fish this time. And we are loving living in Honningsvåg!

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  3. Reblogged this on experiencenorthcape and commented:

    Two years ago I started this blog and here is one of my first posts. Then I had a couple of followers and now that I just reached 2,000 followers, I thought I would share about one of the most beautiful Places on the island.. Knivskjellodden…. just scroll down the page to see what i mean. Thanks for following! Erica

  4. So glad you reblogged this because, as much as we’d like to and intend to, somehow one never gets the chance to stroll through all of everyone’s past posts – and this is a beauty. What a magnificent place – made all the more dramatic by the midnight sun (and the moon, of course!). 🙂

    1. Thank you. Yes, it is not so easy to keep up to date With all the amazing blog posts out there. Thank you for taking time to og through this one and glad you liked the midnight sun and the moon!

  5. Good day
    Why leave the likes again?
    Thank you for visiting with me.Beautiful my sky with for one them good day desired.Sincerely Andrea

    1. That’s probably one of the best comments I’ve ever received. Thank you Remco. I’m so glad you were inspired to visit Knivskjellodden and I’m very impressed by your winter expedition. Would you mind if I reblog it on Experience North Cape? I think my followers would love to read about your adventure and see the beautiful photos of your journey. Please let me know. Thanks again!

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