The North Cape Experience


Not long ago, I shared with you Remco’s expedition to Knivskjellodden ( Now he’s shared his experience visiting the North Cape plateau, as well as Honningsvåg. He provides a lot of helpful information, as well as beautiful photos. Enjoy!

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Nordkapp_Norway_Mar2014_017 There are many ways to experience the Arctic. A few weeks ago I wrote about the Expedition way . A great experience, but not for everyone. There are definitely more accessible and comfortable ways to enjoy this majestic part of the world. Still adventurous, still not for everyone, but totally realistic if this destination is on your bucket list. And it should be!

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The Ghosts of our Past

I couldn’t help but take a closer look and snap a few photos when we walked past this abandoned house/cabin… full of stories, secrets, lives led.  Black and white seemed fitting.

ghosts, abandoned building


ghosts, abandoned






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Gray is Ok

The weather has taken a little turn: Temperatures above freezing, wind and occasional rain showers. Which means that some areas are no longer ski-friendly :) but it also means that my son can skip rocks in the ocean and my daughters can look for treasures.

Spring, North Cape, Nordkapp

treasure hunting, North Cape, nordkapp

And I have to admit that I’m not upset to see tufts of grass sticking up through the snow.  Spring is on it’s way!

snow melting, North Cape, Nordkapp, Spring


We are so blessed to live surrounded by mountains and the sea.  There is beauty all around.  The low tide created lovely patterns in the sand, with puddles of water reflecting the shifting sky.  More treasures from the sea.

sand, patterns, reflections


IMG_2947Yes, Gray is ok.


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A Norwegian’s idea of Perfect Easter Weather

In Norway, we have an expression that you might be unfamiliar with, depending on where you live in the world…. it’s called “perfect Easter weather” (perfekte påskevær).  We don’t mean green grass, daffodils and tulips, and short sleeves.  We mean this:

North Cape, nordkapp, norway, winter

Snow, sun and little or no wind… perfect weather for Norwegians to enjoy during their week of Easter vacation at their cabins, skiing, snowmobiling and spending time outdoors.

Today’s conditions are what we like to call perfect Easter weather.




Hope it continues through next week….

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Just a few reasons….

The Arctic Race of Norway will be coming to the North Cape on August 14, 2014.  If you are considering being a spectator and cheering on the cyclists as they race towards the North Cape Globe, then here are a few good reasons to travel to 71˚N, join in the festivities and explore the area.

reindeer, north cape, nordkapp, arctic race of norwayReindeer:  If you haven’t seen them up close, then here’s your chance.  These guys like to hang out in our backyard.


reindeer, North CapeMajestic landscape:  Islands, mountains and the sea.View of Gjesvaerstappan from Smaakjeftan

North Cape, Nordkapp, Arctic Race of Norway

HIking, Nature, NOrth Cape, NOrway

Duksjord, North Cape, NorwayKing crab, blueberries and cloud berries.

King crab, blueberries and cloud berries.

King Crab, North Cape, Nordkapp

blueberries, north cape, nordkapp

And of course the North Cape Plateau:

North Cape, Knivsjkellodden

Midnight Sun, Nordkapp Plateau,  Norway



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North of the North Cape


Yesterday I received one of the best comments to date, on a blog I wrote about Knivskjellodden:

“This blog post was my inspiration to actually go to Knivskjellodden myself last week. See my winter expedition blog report here: Thank you for your great information about this wonderful place Erica!”

Please read Remco’s account of his winter expedition to the northern most location in the North Cape. His photos are breathtaking and I guarantee you’ll want to come and Experience North Cape yourself!

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Nordkapp_Norway_Mar2014_009 The North Cape is one of those places that is on most traveller’s bucket lists. Known as the northernmost point of Europe, situated at 71°10´21˝N, some even claim it is closer to the North Pole than it is to Oslo. It may certainly feel that way and it is good tourism marketing, but it is not true. First of all, it is not the northernmost of Europe. The northernmost point of Europe is Cape Fligely, on Russian Rudolf Island (81°48′24″N), or if you don’t consider that Europe, it is the island of Rossøya on Svalbard, both over 1,000 kilometers north of the North Cape. Those places are definitely closer to the North Pole than to any sizeable city like Oslo. Those places are also virtually impossible to visit, so no travelers ever make it there. Unfortunately for the North Cape it is also not the northermost point of continental Europe, as it lies…

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14 hours of daylight.. soon to be 24

The midnight sun is just around the corner.  In the next 6 weeks we will go from 14 hours of daylight to 24/7.  Today the sun rises at 5:15 am and will set at 7:25 pm.  This is the view from our house.. sun and snow, lots and lots of snow.


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